Students in Hagen's March class prepare dishes for class presentation.

Students in Hagen’s March class prepare dishes for presentation.

Dear lovers of food and wine: Viticulturist/winemaker/foodie extraordinaire Wes Hagen (Clos Pepe Vineyards) will once again teach a three-day wine and food pairing class at Allan Hancock College.

The class takes place Thursday and Friday evenings, May 9 and 10, and all day Saturday, May 11, on the Santa Maria campus.

I was privileged to sit in on the Saturday portion of his previous class, held in March, and urge anyone interested in the nuances of flavor, foods and wine to shell out $63 for the May edition.

Students in that class had a blast creating menus from scratch all the while sipping wine to determine the best match for their dish, which each shared with the entire class.

Hagen notes that if he were teaching such a class privately, he’d charge “at least $700” per person.

“This class will teach not only pairing, but upselling wine for servers, basic wine tasting and lots of wine tasting, cooking, theory and fun.”
Register online at Follow the steps and plug in this CRN number: 42107.
Questions? E-mail Alfredo Koch, director of agribusiness at Hancock: or Hagen directly,