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Back in the day when I still worked in daily print media (newspapers: Remember those?), the term we editors used to “advance” stories we had in the works for, say, a Sunday edition was “teaser.”

As in: “Let’s write a ‘teaser’ to tell readers about the coming series on blah blah blah … ”

Consider this my “teaser” to tell ya’ll, my gentle readers, about my upcoming series on this, my blog.

It’s tentatively entitled “East to West: A Tale of Two Harvests in the Santa Ynez Valley.”

I’ve chosen two winemakers/wineries to follow through the current harvest; one’s at the far west end of the greater Santa Ynez Valley, in the Sta. Rita Hills, and the other is in Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, at the valley’s east end.

I’ll be posting text, photographs and (fingers crossed!) video of both producers’ efforts at harvesting, pressing, fermenting and putting to tank and barrel five grape varietals: pinot noir and chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc, mourvedre and grenache.

Because harvest is underway in the warmer end of the valley, I’ve already started hanging with the “eastern” folks as they pick their estate sauvignon blanc. The “west-end” folks are several weeks’ out, still.

That’s it for now! Consider yourself teased …