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Grenache vines produce large grape clusters just like this one

Grenache vines produce large grape clusters like this one — which will eventually be part of Dragonette Cellars’ 2013 Happy Canyon rosé

Today: East, back to Buellton with Dragonette Cellars

Early Monday morning, Sept. 23, the remainder of Dragonette Cellars’ Vogelzang Vineyard grapes — grenache and mourvedre — were harvested and trucked to the winery.

Roughly two tons of grenache grapes were already dripping juice via a “free run” — no pressure — from the press into the tray below when I caught up winemakers Brandon Sparks-Gillis and John Dragonette about 8:30 a.m. at the Buellton facility.

“This is it from Vogelzang” for the 2013 harvest, Dragonette said. The winemakers source some of their sauvignon blanc and the grenache and mourvedre for their Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara rosé from Vogelzang Vineyard.

The two planned to press off everything — 2.5 grenache tons and 2 tons of mourvedre — that morning. The pressed juice would be drained into a tank for one night and then pumped into various neutral barrels Tuesday, Dragonette said.

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