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How could I resist that headline?

2010 No Limits Syrah, “The Nuts,” Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard, Edna Valley

I was warned by one of the owners of this label that it is a “big” wine, and to let it breathe over several days. So I did: And . . . it’s a big wine.

I opened it and tried it on a Friday, skipped it on Saturday, and then had the remainder of the bottle Sunday.

My notes, first day: “A ‘forever’ finish with monster tannins. Begs for rich and creamy pasta, stew or soup. Or dark chocolate.”

By Sunday: “Shows more fruit by today and the white pepper typical to syrah … and, the Edna Valley is cool, after all. It’s a bowl of dark spice. But still a bit one dimensional — I would like to see more layers, and a hint of fruit. Just a smidge of blackberry on finish.”

After I drained the bottle, I continued to dwell on the dark notes of this No Limits’ “The Nuts.” (Think: Vegas, baby). Yes, I couldn’t discern more than the slightest hint of blackberry, the characteristic I so love in a good syrah.

And then it came to me: The Nuts is the Dark Knight, the darkest of the nights of winter. It’s a wine that sets one to brooding — never a bad thing in moderation, I dare say.

14.4 alcohol. Retail: $75. Ethan Lindquist is the winemaker of No Limits, and his cohorts are Cliff Korn and Lee Tomkow, both of whom handle marketing.

No tasting room; online sales and by-appointment tastings at www.nolimitwine.com